Our classic tours are gateways to the finest nature attractions that the Osa Peninsula has to offer.

Prepare to experience 2.5% of the world’s species crammed into an area smaller than New York City!
All of our tours use tried-and-tested, expert, biligual guides and the most responsible tour operators in the region.

Corcovado National Park ($85)

Our popular day-trip to the San Pedrillo or Sirena ranger stations takes you by boat to the park (wet landings), where your guide will take you along beautiful trails to find monkeys, birds, tapirs, peccary, sloths, anteaters, crocodiles and much more. We also offer multi-day treks staying at the ranger station. Please ask hostel staff about organizing a tailor-made tour. Lunch, fees and transfers included

Caño Island ($85 / $140)

We offer both snorkeling and scuba diving (two tanks) day-trips to Caño Island. On the boat trip (wet landings) whales, dolphins and turtles may be seen. Once in the water you might spot manta rays, tuna, parrotfish, angelfish, pufferfish, needlefish, sharks, sea turtles, moray eels and much more. It's possible for snorkelers to accompany dive groups; please ask hostel staff to make arrangements. Lunch, fees and transfers included

Whale and dolphin watching ($120)

This tour takes you on a boat journey (wet landings) around the stunning coastline of the Osa Peninsula to seek out whales, dolphins and orcas. Sightings of mothers with their calves are common, and humpback whales often perform incredible breaching and lobtailing displays close to the boat, offering photo opportunities that will make your friends and family very jealous. Lunch, fees and transfers included

Canopy Tour ($50)

This half-day excursion brings you to Drake Bay's premier zip-line attraction at Corcovado Canopy Tours. Located in a stunning forest containing some of the tallest trees in the area, the tour features 13 platforms (up to 30m high) and 11 cables (up to 400m long). This tour can be conveniently combined with the Floating River Tour for a complete day of adrenalin-filled adventure. Lunch, fees and transfers included

Floating River Tour ($65)

This tour is a truly unique and slightly mad way to explore the breathtaking Rio Claro and playa San Josecito, and some of Drake Bay's finest rainforest. The tour includes a hike to a swimmable waterfall followed by a float down the river and rapids all the way to the coast. It can be conveniently combined with the Canopy Tour for a full day of adrenalin-filled adventure. This tour is not for the faint-hearted! Lunch, fees and transfers included

Mangrove Tour ($90)

A spectacular half-day tour (wet landings) of the protected Térraba-Sierpe mangrove park. Primarily a bird watching tour, tourists are almost guaranteed to spot herons, egrets, cotingas and osprey in their pristine natural environment. There is a good chance of spotting mammals too, such as agouti and river otters, and reptiles, such as caimans, crocodiles and boa constrictors. Lunch, fees and transfers included