These affordable, specialty tours reveal hidden nature attractions that you can only find off-the-beaten-track.
The best part is that these are genuine eco-tours that benefit local families, create jobs and promote conservation.
Ask hostel staff about which tours are the flavor of the month.

Bird watching tour ($35)

This tour leaves at dawn in search of the extraordinary birdlife that the Osa Peninsula is so famous for. You don't have to walk far - the spectacular primary and secondary forests around Ganadito and Ganado are a birder's paradise and home to hundreds of exotic species, including toucans, scarlet macaws, parrots, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, trogons, herons, egrets, kites and much more.

Night bug tour ($35)

This exciting tour explores nearby forest trails and river banks with a local expert guide in search of snakes, frogs, spiders, and many other insects and nocturnal critters. Common snake species include the boa constrictor, the eyelash viper and the fer-de-lance! These night tours makes a perfect complement to the Corcovado or Caño Island tours to make the most of a full day in the Osa Peninsula.

Sea turtle tour ($35)

Our popular sea turtle night patrol of either playa Ganadito or playa Rincón offers the unforgettable opportunity to watch endangered Olive Ridley and Green sea turtles nesting. Tour times are arranged to maximise the chance of seeing a turtle, and a local expert guide will describe how the nesting process works and how the village protects their sea turtles.

Los Ganaditos ($35)

Discover the "three Gs": Ganadito, Ganado and Guerra! These biodiversity hotspots feature waterfalls, mangroves and beaches surrounded by lush panoramas of primary forest. Explore trails with your guide, enjoy refreshing dips in fresh water and a meal at a beachfront restaurant. You can choose to start this dynamic tour either AM (includes lunch) or PM (includes sunset dinner). A visit to our ecological farm community Finca Ganadito is also included.

Finca Dannalucía ($35)

Immerse yourself in an authentic, rural Costa Rican experience! The owners of this ecological farm are the Cano family, whose ancestors were pioneers in this area. Learn about the flora, fauna and people of Drake Bay and explore their gardens and mountain trails with spectacular views and crystal clear rivers. The tour includes a farm-to-table lunch cooked on a wood-burning stove (fogón) at Finca Dannalucía.

Madre Selva ($35)

This stunning trek takes you through pristine primary and secondary forests filled with giant ancient trees, exotic fruits, birds, monkeys and endangered poison dart frogs. The tour includes a dip in a refreshing natural pool, rope swings and a waterfall, and can be enjoyed on foot or on horseback. Refreshments included.